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Championship card
European Drag Racing Championship
European Drag Racing Championship is a set of races in 4 categories: Top Fuel Dragster, Top Methanol Dragster, Pro Stock Car, Pro Modified It has existed since 1996 and is held from May until September in four countries: Finland, Germany, Sweden and UK.

Constantly trying boundaries of technical possibilities, driver goes from zero to over 300mph in under four seconds.

The race is controlled by multicolored staging lights. For every category there are two drivers who compete against each other. When the driver leaves the starting line, the timer is activated and stops when the driver reaches the finish line. The losing car in each race is eliminated, while the winning driver continues to compete in next competition. The race continues until there is one winner with the lowest reaction time and elapsed time over a designated destination. The drivers score points for their performance at each stage, which are shown in the final summary table.

For the first time, the Russian team took part in the Nitro Nationals championship in 2016, which was held July 8–10 in Finland at Alastaro Circuit.Russian driver Dmitry Samorukov became the winner of the TopDoorslammers class race, driving a 1/8 mile in 4.128 seconds at an exit speed of 270.69 km/h.
FIA Top Fuel Dragster – Anita Mäkelä, FINLAND
FIA Top Methanol – Dennis Habermann, GERMANY
FIA Pro Modified – Jimmy Ålund, SWEDEN
FIA Pro Stock Car – Bengt Ljungdahl, SWEDEN