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Championship card
Formula 4 Spain
Spanish Formula 4 is an entry-level championship, regulated in accordance with the rules of the FIA. National Formula F4 is the first step from karting to cars with open wheels on the career path of a young driver. Spain became the second country after Italy, which launched Formula 4 with the support of the FIA.

One of the main goals in creating Formula 4 was the idea of establishing a clear and understandable career plan on the way to Formula 1. In addition, all the rules, technical parameters and cost are spelled out in the competition regulations. In particular, a car to compete in this category may not exceed € 30.000 in purchase and should have only a particular range of settings that is why a talent of a driver comes to the fore.

Spanish Formula 4 was launched in 2016 in partnership with Koiranen.
Amaury Cordeel (MP Motorsport)
Two 40-minute practice sessions with subsequent qualifying, consisting of two 15-minute races. Every round has three races: the first and third last 28 minutes, and the second - 18 minutes. During the second race only first eight drivers score points (13-11-9-6-5-4-2-1).