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Championship card
Russian Drag Racing Championship
Russian drag racing championship - competition between the most powerful and fastest cars in parallel acceleration at a distance of a quarter mile (402.33 meters). Competitions are held between cars in three classes: front, rear and four-wheel drive.

Drag racing can rightly be considered one of the most exciting races - cars fly a distance of 403 meters in less than 7 seconds at a speed of more than 300 km / h. The starting part of the route for drag racing is prepared in a special way: special glue and rubber of used tires are applied. This preperation significantly improves the adhesion of the wheels to the road, which greatly improves the results in time and speed of the distance.

In June 2018, Russian racer Dmitry Samorukov set a record, by driving ¼ miles in 6,305 seconds on a DodgeViper DT Pro-mod car, RWD class, leaving behind Dutchman David Vekter in the final race.

The organizer of the Russian drag racing championship is the Dragtimes company, the promoter is SMP Racing, the Russian drag racing championship is held under the auspices of the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF).
There are four types of racing cars: FSL, FSA, FSB US.
FSL class Kirill Stulov (Moscow)
FSA class Artem Demikhov (Lipetsk region, Usman)
FSB class Maxim Krivobokov (Novosibirsk)
US class Dmitry Samorukov (Moscow region, Zhukovsky)
There are qualifying rounds on Saturday and Sunday morning. On Sunday afternoon there are final races in all three classes.