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Championship card
SMP Formula 4 Championship

The SMP Formula 4 Championship is a championship created by the Russian motor sport development program SMP Racing and the Finnish company Koiranen GP, ​​with the support of the International and Russian Automobile Federations.

The championship unites a number of countries, including Russia, Finland, the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. The advantages of this approach are sharing of the racing infrastructure and ease of logistics.

The main goal of the SMP Formula 4 Championship is to enable drivers to try their skills in the formula class. There is a special complex system of comprehensive training for newcomers: drivers are trained to work with engineers and cars, communicate with the press and fans. SMP Formula 4 Championship graduates will be prepared for higher levels of racing competitions, such as Formula 3, Formula Renault 2.0, GP3 and others.

A distinctive feature of the SMP Formula 4 Championship is its availability. Thanks to the unified cars, the low cost of participation in the championship is preserved, while technical competition is minimal and the racing talents of pilots come to the fore. All drivers have unified cars that allow, first of all, preserve the low cost of participation as well as to put a focus on driving skills.

Mentors of young drivers in the SMP Formula 4 Championship are well-known Russian and Finnish coaches, as well as current drivers of the SMP Racing program.

All drivers have a unified Tatuus chassis that is used during other F4 championships.