SMP Racing driver Alexey Basov was an honored guest at the circuit racing competitions among traffic police teams in Krasnoyarsk

1 July 2019/ smp

As per tradition, the event was held on the Red Ring circuit and was dedicated to the 83rd anniversary of the establishment of the traffic police service.

This year, thirty-four participants from various regions of Russia took part in the event in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.


Mikhail Chernikov, Chief of the Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal in Russia, was the official starter of the race. The head of the State Traffic Inspectorate of Russia noted that the idea to hold such competitions came about in 2007, and already many experienced traffic police officers from all over Russia have been taking part in the competition: The high level of competitions and a big interest of the traffic police from all over Siberia allows the Krasnoyarsk Territory to become a launching pad for holding such competitions of the All-Russian level.


Alexander Uss, Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, and Alexander Rechitsky, Chief of the MIA of Russia GA for the Krasnoyarsk Territory, welcomed the participants of the competition on behalf of Alexander Gorovoy, First Deputy-Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.


According to the results of the final races, the traffic police officers of the Krasnoyarsk Territory earned first and second places, while the traffic police inspector from the Irkutsk region took third place on the podium.


Im really amazed at the skill that the inspectors showed on the circuit, SMP Racing driver Alexey Basov said. Every participant today could become a strong rival for any of our professional racing drivers. I believe that the idea of making such competitions all-Russian is logical and is the right step in the development of this competition in particular, and in popularizing motorsport in Russia as a whole."

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