Krasnoyarsk will host the first stage of the Russian Drag Racing Championship

23 June 2016/ smp
The participants of the Russian Drag Racing Championship (RDRC) come to Krasnoyarsk autodrome "Red Ring", where the first stage of the competition will take place on June 25-26. Organizers expect to establish new track records.

Dragster Dodge Viper of Pro Modified class (i.e. car, specially designed for drag racing competitions) was one of the first to arrive to the track. On May tests in Sweden it overcame a distance of 1/8 mile in 4.18 seconds, its speed at the end of this segment amounted to 301 km / h.

In the RDRC 2016 season the Dodge Viper will be driven by Muscovite Dmitri Samorukov, author of the national time and speed record in the passage of a distance of 402.33 meters. Last year, at the autodrome "Fort Grozny" Samorukov, performing on a similar dragster, showed the best results in Russia: 6.895 seconds and 309.81 km / h respectively.

The key-role in drag racing plays not only the power of the car, but the focus, self-control and the reaction of the driver. Thats why famous sportsmen, champions and winners of the Russian Drag Racing Championships will rival Samorukov. In the RWD (rear-wheel drive) class, for example, it will be the reigning RDRC champion Andrew Mulenko (car Chevrolet Corvette) and Alexey Onopchenko (car Toyota Chaser).
The organizer, Dragtimes Company, is preparing the Drag Strip of the "Red Ring" track in a special way: on the first 200 meters of the straight line is applied a special glue, and rubber from used tires is rubbed on top of it. This preparation will improve the grip of the cars wheels with the coat, and also the results in time and speed in passing the distance.

Among the likely contenders for the establishment of new records enter the author of the current record Vadim Timashev from Krasnoyarsk (car Nissan Skyline) and Dmitry Mandrikov from Novokuznetsk (car Subaru Impreza WRX STI). There is no point to disregard Dmitry Kapustin from Belgorod (car Nissan Skyline), and the reigning RDRC champion in the AWD class Novosiberian Dmitry Matveyev (car Nissan GT-R). A serious struggle unfolds between them on the weekend.

There are two women among the participants of the first stage of the Russian Drag Racing Championship; both will perform in FWD (front wheel drive) class. Jana Sotova (car Honda Civic) is already known to fans all over the country, because in 2014 she took fourth place in the Russian Drag Racing Cup. Oksana Yakovleva (the car Honda Civic) makes a debut in the RDRC season, but she is already known in Krasnoyarsk and Novokuznetsk, where she performs regularly at local events.

The first stage of RDRC will be held during two days. The qualifying races will start on Saturday, 25 June. On Sunday, 26 June, the finals will be held on Olympic knock-out system. You can follow the competition online on sites and, as well as YouTube-channel DragtimesInfo:

Text translation of the competition will be on RDRC pages in social networks: VKontakte (, Facebook (, Twitter (

The latest photos from the event can be found in Instagram-account Dragtimes:

First stage Schedule of the Russian Drag Racing Championship:

Saturday, June 25

12:00 - opening of the autodrome for the audience
13: 00-19: 30 - I stage qualifying sessions of the Russian Drag Racing Championship and Cup of RAF in drag racing

Sunday, June 26

12:00 - opening of an autodrome for the audience, the continuation of the qualifying races
14:30 - opening ceremony of the competition
15: 00-18: 30 I stage finals of the Russian Drag Racing Championship and the Russian Drag Racing Cup
18:45 - rewarding of winners and prize-winners of the I stage of the Russian Drag Racing Championship and the Russian Drag Racing Cup
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