Two new drivers in SMP Racing Junior program: Irina Sidorkova and Mikhael Belov

29 January 2019/ smp

The Junior sector of the motorsport development program SMP Racing has filled up with two young drivers.

In 2019, Irina Sidorkova and Mikhael Belov will perform with the SMP Racing support. They will compete in the European Formula Championships in the upcoming season.


15-year-old Irina Sidorkova is one of the few female drivers who has managed to achieve good results in recent years. In 2017, Irina became the winner of the Ice Circuit Racing Cup in St. Petersburg and the silver medalist of the RCRS National Junior Championship, and in 2018 she won The Russian Circuit Racing Series.

As part of the SMP Racing program in 2019, Irina will participate in the formula series of the FIA Formula 4 Spain with Spanish DriveX Team.


17-year-old Mikhael Belov began his career with karting, then took part in the SMP Formula 4 Formula Championship, where in 2018 he was a vice-champion. In the same year, Mikhael won the Formula Academy Finland Championship.

In the 2019 season, Mikhael will compete in the FIA Formula 4 Italy with Italian team Bhaitech Racing.

“We are pleased to welcome young talented drivers Irina Sidorkova and Michael Belov in the SMP Racing junior program,” said Peter Aleshin, director of the SMP Racing junior program. “It seems promising for SMP Racing that the FIA has given a lot more importance to issues in women's motor sport and is creating a women's world series. It seems worthwhile to have the participant from our country. Therefore, we have decided to prepare a driver who can perform well in these competitions. In our opinion, today, in terms of age and a number of physical parameters, Irina Sidorkova is the most promising candidate.

Our task is to prepare her as much as possible for the formula race. Already last year we began to make progress: Irina took part in two races of the SMP F4 Championship. Formula 4 is a completely new series for her, requiring a completely different preparation. Therefore, we are now fully preparing Irina for this competition and will work with her throughout the season. In the Spanish Formula 4 Championship, Irina will compete with the young men. Of course, it will not be easy, but we will support and assist her.

Mikhael Belov, in our opinion, more than proved himself last year in the SMP F4 Championship. He had a great season, becoming a vice-champion, and with great pleasure we want to give him the opportunity to compete in international competitions at a higher level. Mikhael will spend the season in the Italian Formula 4 Championship. He has very ambitious targets: we expect that he will be in the top six at the end of the season. We believe that Mikhael has everything it takes to achieve the goal.”

Season calendar of the FIA Formula 4 Italy in 2019:

3-5 May - Vallelunga (Italy)
May 17-19 - Misano (Italy)
July 5-7 - Budapest (Hungary)
July 12-14 - Spielberg (Austria)
August 30 - September 1 - Imola (Italy)
October 4-6 - Mugello (Italy)
October 18-20 - Monza (Italy)

Season calendar FIA Formula 4 Spain in 2019 *:

April 5-7 - Navarre (Spain)
May 24-26 - Aragon (Spain)
June 21-23 - Valencia (Spain)
September 13-15 - Jerez (Spain)
October 25-27 - Portimao (Portugal)
November 8-10 - Barcelona (Spain)

* awaiting approval from the FIA
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