SMP Racing will take part in car talent show Russia Rules!

15 August 2019/ smp

The Russian television channel NTV will broadcast a large-scale project, where for the first time on Russian television amateur drivers will do tricks that only experienced stuntmen could perform before.

Each participant will get a chance to demonstrate their driving talent to a professional jury and will be shown on one of major federal television channels. For the NTV channel, the Russia Rules project became the largest launch of an entertainment show in the last two seasons. Filming will start this week in Moscow.

The Russia Rules car talent show was produced by the Russian television channel NTV in collaboration with the SMP Racing program, the development program of motorsport in Russia, and the Auto Plus TV channel. The program is filmed according to the original format created by NTV and the international company Keshet International.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new unique show, which we are creating together with professional television teams NTV and Auto Plus. Our task is to popularize motorsport in Russia. And we are sure that the release of a high-quality and interesting television product is one of the best ways to solve such a problem. The interest of foreign countries in this project indicates the high level of the show. It is very important for us that our drivers are members of the jury and participate in the filming, Boris Rotenberg, founder and head of the SMP Racing program, said.

The competition for the title of the countrys best driver will consist of seven qualifying rounds, where participants will show what they are capable of behind the wheel, and two semifinals with extraordinary difficult tasks, followed by the final round.


The broadcast version of the show was developed together with the international company Keshet International. NTV was the first Russian media company to combine the filming process and distribution negotiations in one unit. Together with our foreign colleagues, we developed the script and created a unique shooting pavilion with an operating circuit, but, of course, took into account the mentality of our compatriots. I am glad that the first Russia Rules car talent show will be seen in our country, NTV's chief producer Timur Weinstein added.

The casting of the show was attended by more than 1000 people from all over the country. Only 70 drivers, who range from 20 to 60 years old, will take part in the show.

In the first round of the competition, participants will demonstrate unique driving skills and perform an individual task. During the show drivers will demonstrate how its possible to play hockey, football, basketball and bowling with a car. Viewers will see tricks with fire and special equipment, such as a GAZ-66, a monster truck or a drift bath.


There are a lot of TV talent shows today - for singers, for dancers and for athletes. But there has never been such a show for drivers, whose numbers have increased by 50 percent over the past 10 years in Russia. With this project, we would like to draw attention to the culture and safety of driving. If a driver wants to perform dangerous tricks, at first, they need to learn the technique under the supervision of an experienced mentor only on specialized tracks. I am sincerely glad and proud that we have a chance to realize our project Russia Rules together with the country's leading federal channel NTV. This is a great example of a collaboration of federal and local television, as well as SMP Racing, the development program for motorsport in Russia, Joseph Prigozhin, Director General of Auto Plus TV Channel, said.

SMP Racing driver Vitaly Petrov and Mikhail Gorbachev, journalist, car expert, and former race car driver, will be in the jury and evaluate performances. The host of the show, Nikolai Fomenko, will also have the right to vote in the evaluation of the trick. Fomenko will host the show together with actress Polina Maximova.

After each performance, the jury will give a positive or negative assessment to the participants about their performance. Three YES! from the jury will put the participant into the semifinals. Drivers who fail the tests (scratch or deform cars, drive off the track, fail to meet the specified time, etc.) leave the project.

Gazprombank and the insurance group SOGAZ are the main partners of the project. The show is sponsored by G-Energy motor oils manufactured by Gazpromneft.

Filming of the project will be operated by White Media company and will take place in a specially built pavilion, which will become the largest film pavilion with an operating race track and grandstands for spectators.
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