First Karting Academy of Sergey Sirotkin to be opened in Moscow

20 January 2020/ smp

SMP Racing driver Sergey Sirotkin will open a go-kart academy in Moscow, where he will train children aged 5 to 15 years. The opening ceremony will take place on January 25th.

The Children's Karting Academy led by Sergey Sirotkin is a part of the SMP Racing Academy and the partner of the RAF-SMP Racing Academy, which is engaged in the training of professional go-kart drivers. The most successful students of Sirotkin’s Academy will have the opportunity to become members of the RAF-SMP Racing Academy, and later, possibly, participants of the SMP Racing program.

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The main feature of the new go-kart academy is that its leader and a head coach is a world-class driver. Even though Sergey continues his sports career, in his absence, training will be carried out in full according to a specially developed program, which includes theoretical and practical classes. Sirotkin will work together with Yuri Evgenyevich Stavrovsky, the head coach of the USSR national go-kart team in 1973-1985, and a team of experienced Russian mentor drivers. At the same time, Sergey will constantly be in touch with students and their parents and remotely monitor their learning process.


Each group of students of the Karting Academy will consist of 7-14 people. Groups will be determined not only by the age of the participants, but also by their driving skills. Theoretical lessons will help students to develop thinking and better understand the nature of go-karting, and a practical part will allow them to apply the acquired knowledge on the track. At the end of each lesson, a mini race is planned.


The Karting Academy is based at the Forza One Karting Center in Moscow. Practical classes will be held on the largest indoor track in Russia, which meets all safety standards and theoretical lessons - in a special, well-equipped classrooms, using video equipment.

“Karting is the basis of all motorsport disciplines, almost all drivers begin their careers from this step,” Sergey Sirotkin emphasized. “It is in karting that the basic skills of driving a racing car are acquired. I have gone a long way from karting to Formula 1 and I want to share my experience with novice drivers by creating the Karting Academy as part of the SMP Racing Academy."

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