Sergey Sirotkin participated in Formula E car test in Morocco

15 January 2019/ smp

SMP Racing driver Sergey Sirotkin participated in Formula E car test at the Mahindra Racing invitation in Marrakech (Morocco) on 13 January.


"There is no doubt that such a challenging, competitive hampionship with the state-of-the-art technology as Formula E is a racing championship we need to pay a close attention to - said Sergey Sirotkin. We have made a decision to collaborate with Mahindra Racing Team as it is a great opportunity to test new generation cars of this championship and gain valuable experience.

Even before the test drive we started to collect more information about this championship and realized that its level, technical and engineering systems and tracks are more complicated than it seemed at the beginning - mentioned Sergey Sirotkin. - During the last two weeks and especially during the day I spent in this car, my opinion totally changed. This car is much faster than you might think. Considering this car does not have much aerodynamics as the ones in Formula 1, basically its power is more than enough. Tracks are very narrow, without any run-outs, so you need to attack very close to the walls that makes the race even more interesting. Personally, I really enjoyed driving this car and, I should say, much more than many other cars that I got a chance to try besides main Formula championships.

The test-drive day itself was not flawless: there were some technical difficulties and the team needed some time to fix the problems. During the morning session we had two short races - just to move things along forward and to test the waters. In the afternoon we had the same problems and could not set up everything perfectly during qualifying - there were some difficulties with the traffic. All in all the team worked according to the plan and we tried a number of settings. I think that despite the difficulties, everyone was satisfied with the result accomplished - we ended the day on a good note and got many positive feedback.

I would like to thank the SMP Racing program and Mahindra Racing Team for the invitation and a great opportunity to test the car of Formula E Championship."
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