SMP Racing driver Alexander Smolyar won the second race of the Formula Renault Eurocup first round

14 April 2019/ smp

The driver of the SMP Racing Junior program Alexander Smolyar took his first victory in the Formula Renault Eurocup, which took place on April 13-14 at Monza, Italy.

Alexander started the race from the pole position and kept the lead until the finish line, despite the rain conditions and two separate collisions on the track, which prevented several cars to continue the race.

In the first race of the weekend, Smolyar started from the 13th position, but broke the front wing during the collision and was forced to drive into the pits to replace it. In the remaining time, Alexander did not manage to catch up and was one lap behind from the winner of the Saturday race.


At the end of the first weekend of the season, Alexander Smolyar took the 3rd place in the overall standings of 22 drivers.

In my opinion, it's a great day: pole position, victory and the best lap in the race, Alexander Smolyar shared his feelings. The weather conditions were difficult, but I felt confident on the track, and if it were not for the safety car, which appeared three times during the race, I would be able to build a gap from the nearest pursuer even more. Of course, first Lorenzo Colombo and then Victor Martins tried to impose a struggle, especially in the first chicane, but the main strategy for me was not to make mistakes and try to build a gap from the rivals, which I actually did.

" With the potential of Alexander and the car we could be on the podium in both races, but, unfortunately, due to various reasons, this did not happen yesterday," Peter Aleshin, the director of the SMP Racing Junior program, commented. But today, in quite difficult rain conditions, we managed to use our full potential: we won the qualifying session and the race and, in addition, we also had the best lap. In my opinion, everything is fine, and Alexander showed himself from the good side he kept his emotions under control after his yesterdays experience and today he did his best and achieved great results.

The second round of the Formula Renault Eurocup will take place on May 10-12 at Silverstone in the UK.
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