SMP Racing drivers took part in the charity SMP RCRS race

26 August 2019/ smp

The charity race in support of children with cerebral paralysis took place on August 25 at Moscow F1-karting go-kart track. The SMP RCRS (Russian Circuit Racing Series) and Gosha Kutsenko's Charity Fund were the organizers of the event.

Initially, the event was supposed to be held a week earlier, on August 17-18, at Moscow Raceway. A special track was specially constructed for this charity race in the paddock, but the rain prevented the participants from competing that day.


The organizers made a decision to reschedule the race to the next weekend on the indoor go-kart track and to transfer entry fees to the Gosha Kutsenko A Step Together Fund.


SMP Racing drivers Sergey Sirotkin, Vitaly Petrov, Egor Orudzhev, Denis Bulatov, Alexander Smolyar, Alexander Vartanyan and Viktor Shaitar took part in the SMP RCRS charity race together with drivers of the SMP RCRS and go-kart series: Boris Shulmeister, Roman Golikov, Natalia Goltsova, Igor Samsonov, Alexander Buylov, Egor Ganin, Dmitry Galitsyn, Alexety Sakharov and many others there were 50 drivers on the starting grid.

Egor Orudzhevs team won the 2-hour charity race, followed by the crews of Alexander Smolyar and Mikhail Loboda, who took second and third places, respectively.


Its a pleasant feeling to win in a go-kart race, but, whats more important, it feels great to take part in such event, SMP Racing driver Egor Orudzhev commented. I think, its necessary to support children, who have encountered difficulted from the early childhood, and give them positive emotions and help them believe in themselves. Children from the fund attended the sixth round of the SMP RCRS at the invitation of Oleg Petrikov and they really enjoyed the event. Its a pity that due to the rain, the organizers had to cancel a go-kart marathon at Moscow Raceway, but they found a way and held the competition on another go-kart track. Our crew of Andrey Volodin, Alexander Mashinsky and Lesya Vaschuk, worked perfectly together, although weve never driven together before. We were fighting until the finish line and it was a great battle as the results were very close we were just a couple of seconds ahead of our rivals. I really liked the event and I want to thank the organizers for the invitation."

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