Nesov is the winner of the second round of SMP Formula 4 in Nizhny Novgorod

20 May 2019/ smp

SMP Racing junior driver Alexey Nesov won the SMP Formula 4 race, the second round of which took place on May 18-19 at NRing circuit (Nizhny Novgorod Region).

In Saturday race, Alexey Nesov finished in third place. In Sunday race, he started from seventh position. At the start he managed to overtake three rivals, but soon got into an accident with another SMP Racing junior driver Pavel Bulantsev, which made the latter to finish the race.

The safety car was on the track for several laps. At the restart, Nesov was able to gain three positions at once and take the lead. Before the finish, Alexey built a two-second gap from his rivals and successfully monitored his tyre wear, which allowed him to win for the first time in his career in the SMP Formula 4.

Алексеи Несов_молодженая программа SMP Racing.jpg

SMP Racing junior driver Irina Sidorkova finished the second race of the SMP Formula 4’s second round in sixth place.

“This is my first victory in the SMP Formula 4, so the emotions are indescribable,” Alexey Nesov said. “The race was unforgettable. I had a good start, then I did a good job of overtaking my rivals. At the restart, I did not even expect things to turn out so good for me: I overtook my rivals quite easily and became the leader. The hardest moment in the race for me was when I was driving first and built a gap, but still needed to look in the mirrors, count the laps until the finish and control the consumption of rubber - it was very hard, but I did it and am very happy.”

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The second round of the SMP Formula 4 was held jointly with the second round of the The Russian Circuit Racing Series (SMP RCRS) and the Festival of Speed, which attended more than 10 thousand spectators. In addition to the competition, the guests of the holiday had a chance to enjoy the extensive entertainment program: car expositions, racing taxis, contests, racing simulators, entertainment and gifts for children.

Фестиваль скорости_18-19 мая_Нижегородское кольцо_SMP Racing.jpg

SMP Racing driver Vitaly Petrov was one of the main participants of the Festival of Speed. He specially came to Nizhny Novgorod to meet with the fans, take part in the autograph session and awarding the winners of the competition SMP RCRS and SMP Formula 4.

Виталии Петров на Фестивале скорости.jpg

“I am delighted with the Festival of Speed,” Vitaly Petrov commented. “First, I didn’t expect that so many people would join us during the event. Secondly, there was a lot of different entertainment and everyone enjoyed it. But as soon as there was an announcement for the start of the races, everyone headed to the tribunes to watch the races. I am once again convinced that we are moving in the right direction, that motorsport is developing and becomes more and more interesting for people. I am sure that the SMP Racing program is engaged in its development for good reason, and participation in the next rounds of the SMP RCRS and Formula 4 SMP is a great way to see for yourself.”

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The third joint round of the SMP RCRS and SMP Formula 4 will take place on June 22-23 at Smolensk Ring, a circuit located in western Russia, in Smolensk region.
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