The SMP Racing Academy and ANO ROSGONKI have presented a new exclusive project at the Sochi Autodrome

15 May 2019/ smp

The joint project presented in Sochi opens up opportunities for many people to gain experience in driving a racing car - from a Ferrari sports car to a formula-class car.


The proposal is unique because everyone gets an opportunity to train with professionals - current SMP Racing drivers.


Today weve presented a project that is a part of the existing SMP Racing Academy and is aimed at solving the main task of SMP Racing, that is popularizing motorsport, Dmitry Samorukov said. The SMP Racing Academy at the Sochi Autodrome has been existing for several years with the main focus on young drivers. Our new joint project with ANO ROSGONKI is aimed at ordinary people who want to experience new emotions, join motorsport and try themselves behind the wheel of a real racing car. I am sure the project will encourage car enthusiasts to consider motorsport a hobby. Another direction of the project is the education of children over 15. Even if they are not professionally involved in karting, they will still be able to try themselves behind the wheel of a professional car. The Sochi Autodrome has all the necessary infrastructure for training everyone who wants to drive a racing car.


For the first time in Russia, on the track that hosts Formula 1, you can learn how to drive a formula car with instructors being professional SMP Racing drivers, Alexey Titov, General Director of ANO ROSGONKI, commented. The dream of many motorsport enthusiasts and Formula 1 spectators in Russia has come true: now they have an opportunity to try themselves as a F1 driver at the Sochi Autodrome.

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