A new record of Russia for front-wheel-drive cars at the second round of the Russian Drag Racing Championship SMP RDRC

22 July 2019/ smp

On July 20-21, the second round of the Russian Drag Racing Championship SMP RDRC and the first round of the Volga Federal District Drag Racing Championship took place at the Nizhny Novgorod Ring track.

Elshan Aslanov from Moscow, Lukoil Racing Team driver, set a new Russian record for front-wheel-drive cars driving the distance in 8.413 seconds.


A few more participants improved their personal records. The most notable achievements were the results of Konstantin Katynkin (Vladivostok), driving the Nissan Skyline GT-R, and Konstantin Krapivin (Omsk) in the Toyota Supra. Katynkin improved his own time by more than 0.5 seconds - from 8.645 seconds to 8.062 seconds at a distance of 402 meters. Krapivin was 0.2 seconds faster compared to his previous result - from 8.692 seconds to 8.441 seconds.


70 drivers in total took part in competitions of two drag racing championships in four classes: FSL, FSA, FSB and the absolute US. However, the final standings of the round were determined by the results of the Saturday qualifying round, as the weather conditions did not allow the final races to hold be held on Sunday.


Sports events were held as part of the Festival of Speed, which takes place in the Nizhny Novgorod region for the second time this year. The first festival was in mid-May and consisted of two competitions: the SMP Russian Circuit Racing Series and the SMP Formula 4 Championship. The visitors were offered a wide variety of activities designed for family members of all ages: children's fun zone, prize draw, food court and much more.

The third round of the SMP RDRC will take place on August 10-11 at Bykovo, Moscow region.


The winners of the second round of the Russian Drag Racing Championship SMP RDRC:

Class FSL

1. Evgeny Yumaev (Moscow), Audi RS6 VAGPLUS VAGPLUS, No. 6
2. Ilya Legenky (Omsk), Lamborghini Huracan Spyder GTT Stage 2, 9
3. Anastasia Borisova (Moscow), Audi A6 Stage 2, 69

Class FSA

1. Mustafa Murtazaev (Simferopol), VAZ 2108, No. 51 - 8.921 seconds
2. Elshan Aslanov (Moscow), Lukoil Racing Team, VAZ 2110, No. 77 - 9.042 seconds
3. Vladimir Tretyak (Rostov-on-Don), VAZ 2108, No. 1 - 10.520 seconds

FSB class

1. Konstantin Katynkin (Vladivostok), Nissan Skyline GT-R, 800 - 8.062 seconds
2. Konstantin Krapivin (Omsk), Toyota Supra, No. 2 - 8.441 seconds
3. Dmitry Kapustin (Belgorod), Nissan Skyline GT-R, No. 25 - 8.450 seconds

US class

1. Dmitry Samorukov (Moscow region, Zhukovsky, SMP Racing team), Dodge Viper, # 333 - 7.052 seconds
2. Alexander Albin (Omsk), Dragster Dragster, # 27 - 7.110 seconds
3. Andrey Kravchenko (Moscow), Topspeed Promod PM100, 100 - 7.314 seconds

Quotes of the winners:


Yevgeny Yumaev (Moscow), class FSL: We tried very hard to achieve good results and are pleased that we were fastest. Last year, we had problems with the car between the SMP RDRC rounds, so for this season the main goal was to make the car stable. Everything goes smoothly for now, without problems. Although at the last round we plan to push our limits and we will see what will happen.


Mustafa Murtazaev (Simferopol), class FSA: I should say, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction. We wanted to compete in the finals with the Lukoil Racing Tim team and Elshan Aslanov, but due to the weather conditions it didnt happen. I hope we will have a chance to battle in the next round and to get as close as possible to him. Elshan raised the bar, driving the distance in less time than other participants. It is very good when there are drivers who set a high pace, raising the bar. It makes the teams immediately think about the improvement of their cars. I hope great fights are ahead, I cant wait to see our rivals in two weeks in Bykovo.

Konstantin Katynkin (Vladivostok), class FSB: We are positive, the track is very good, traction is great. Its sad that it started to rain, and we were not able to improve our own time. We have a great desire to improve my record as the car has potential. We will try at the next round in Bykovo.

Dmitry Samorukov (Moscow region, Zhukovsky, SMP Racing team), class US: I had only one race during this round, and it was a decisive one. Luck was on my side. Nizhny Novgorod is a beautiful city, a favorite round in the SMP RDRC calendar, we had a good time here. Traction on the track was excellent, as in Europe, it seemed so especially after Bykovo. Many thanks to the organizers who prepared the track so well, despite the changeable weather. Congratulations to Elshan Aslanov on a new record, waiting for a new one!


Elshan Aslanov, owner of the Russian record for front-wheel-drive cars (Moscow, Lukoil Racing Team): In the qualifying round, we decided to make two test runs to see how much we could improve our own record time. Traction on the track turned out to be much better than in Bykovo, so we failed in first gear, but showed a speed of 294 km / h. We made adjustments to the car set ups, but still it wasnt great enough, although the speed was already 301 km / h and as a result - 8.413 seconds. This is the third time among European drivers and the first among Russian ones for front-wheel-drive cars. But drivers in Europe have lower speed, which means that we still have potential to improve the result.

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