Russian Drag Racing Championship SMP RDRC in Grozny: twice as many races

27 August 2019/ smp

The final competitions of the Russian Drag Racing Championship SMP RDRC will take place at the Fort Grozny Circuit (Grozny) on August 31- September 1.

On Saturday, there will be final races of the third round for the FSB and US classes and on Sunday participants of all classes will compete in the final, fourth round of the season.

This decision was made by the organizers at the previous round of the SMP RDRC. Then, due to weather conditions, it was possible to qualify only on Sunday and, according to its results, announce winners in the FSL and FSA classes. Participants in the other two classes did not have time to show what they are capable of, so the stewards of the competition decided to hold the final races of these classes on August 31 at the Fort Grozny Circuit (Grozny).

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Spectators at the Fort Grozny Circuit will enjoy twice as many exciting starts on the weekend. All drivers are ready to fight and understand that mistakes will be costly: a technical breakdown on Saturday will most likely affect Sunday's race. In addition, many drivers have a goal to set records. The drag strip of the Fort Grozny Circuit is one of the best drag racing tracks in Russia. Traditionally many time and speed records are set here on this track.

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The main contenders for the victory Elshan Aslanov (Moscow, the Lukoil Racing Tim team) and Mustafa Murtazaev (Simferopol) will have a great battle in the FSA class. Both cars improve each others best time in the class, and now Aslanovs dragster VAZ 2110 currently holds the Russian record for front-wheel drive cars (8.413 seconds).


In the FSB class, there are several contenders for a podium: Roman Dubovets (Khabarovsk) in the Toyota Chaser, Konstantin Krapivin (Omsk) in the Toyota Supra, Alexey Volik (St. Petersburg, M-technology team) in the Subaru Impreza, Dmitry Kapustin (Belgorod) in the Nissan Skyline GT-R, Konstantin Katynkin (Vladivostok) in the Nissan Skyline GT-R.

In the FSL class, Evgeny Yumaev (Moscow) keeps the lead driving the Audi RS6 VAGPLUS with quite a big gap from his nearest pursuers. However, drag racing is known for its unpredictability, and Nikolay Korzhov (Voronezh) in the Nissan GT-R, Ramon Busto (Yaroslavl) in the BMW X5 Ramon Performance, Ilya Legenky (Omsk, GTT Racing team) in the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder GTT Stage 2 still have all the chances to win.

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According to the regulations, cars from the FSA and FSB classes can be announced in the US (Unlimited) class as well. However, there are several dragsters which can only compete in this class. At the Fort Grozny Circuit, two outstanding ProMods will fight with each other for a win: the 4500 hp Dodge Viper of Dmitry Samorukov (Zhukovsky, SMP Racing team) and the 3800 hp Topspeed Promod PM100 of Andrey Kravchenko. Alexander Albin (Omsk) and Maxim Krivobokov (Novosibirsk) will join Dmitry and Andrey on the drag strip driving dragsters, which are still unusual for spectators, in their shape resembling arrows and having engines under the hood with an output of about 1,400 hp. Moreover, Krivobokovs dragster will drive for the first time on the Russian track - just a few days ago, the car arrived from the United States, and the MaxRide Motorsport team will prepare it for the races in Grozny.

The final season of the Russian Drag Racing Championship SMP RDRC should be very busy, Alexander Abyanov, head of the SMP RDRC, said. We cancelled part of the races of the third stage to Grozny, so viewers will be able to see the battle for the win both on Saturday and on Sunday. There will be around fifty cars and among them an absolute novelty, the 1600 hp dragster of Maxim Krivobokov. Outwardly, it looks similar to a car of Alexander Albin, which spectators already know. Dragster has just arrived in Russia from the USA, and Maxims team hopes to drive it on the drag strip of the Fort Grozny Circuit. The entrance to the competition will be free, everyone can see the outstanding cars and watch the races. For those who are not able to get to the race track, we will organize an online broadcast on the website, and Auto Plus channel will show news and special programs.

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