SMP Racing drivers on the podium of the SMP RCRS and SMP Formula 4 races in Nizhny Novgorod

18 May 2019/ smp

On May 18-19, the second rounds of the SMP Formula 4 and SMP RCRS take place on the NRING Race Track as a part of the Speed Festival. On Saturday, SMP Racing drivers won in first races of the weekend.

Nine drivers took part in the qualifying session of the SMP Formula 4. Artem Lobanenko drove the best lap of 1: 15.229, while SMP Racing Junior drivers Alexey Nesov and Pavel Bulantsev showed very close results with 1: 15.449 and 1: 15.530, respectively. SMP Racing driver Irina Sidorkova was classified sixth.

Lobanenko kept the lead in the race, followed by Bulantsev with the 0.0574 second gap. Alexey, despite technical issues with the car, finished third, while Irina took sixth place in the race.


The race was intense and interesting, Pavel Bulantsev said. Thanks to a good start, I was able to move up and fight for the first position. Throughout the race, I was driving right after Lobanenko and we had a great battle with him. But I decided not to risk and keep my second position.

Danil Kolodin_RSKG NN_small_KOL7608.jpg

At the beginning of the race, I was very close to the leaders, tried to attack in the first lap, but due to a technical issue, I had to slow down, Alexey Nesov commented. Therefore, I am glad that I managed to maintain third position. The pace in qualifying was good, so I had all the chances to fight for a win, but was a bit unlucky with a car.

SMP Racing driver Kirill Ladygin participates in the Russian Circuit Racing Series (SMP RCRS), Touring class. In the qualifying session, he was fourth fastest with 0.7 second gap to the pole position holder Klim Gavrilov. In the race, Kirill was able to gain one position and finished in third place. The winner in Touring class was Klim Gavrilov, followed by Ivan Lukashevich.

 _SMP Racing_Grigory_Golyshev_2019_2RCRS_NN_low-73.jpg
Kirill Ladygin, SMP Racing

The SMP RCRS and SMP Formula 4 final races will take place on Sunday, the second day of The Festival of Speed. An autograph session of SMP Racing driver Vitaly Petrov, an exhibition of SMP Racing racing cars - from karts to a Dodge Viper dragster and Russian sport prototype BR01; racing taxis, cars of various racing series, contests, games and gifts for children are a small part of tomorrows program.

On Saturday, the festival attended more than five thousand people, and the organizers expect an increase in their number on the final day of the event. The Festival of Speed takes place on the NRING Race Track in the Bogorodsky district of the Nizhny Novgorod region.
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