Winners of the SMP Russian Drag Racing Championship received awards

27 February 2019/ smp

On February 22, the ceremony of awarding the champions of the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF) was held in Moscow.

The winners of the 2018 SMP RDRC received their awards.

Maxim Krivobokov (Novosibirsk region) won the Cup of Russia in the class of FSB, Artem Demikhov (Lipetsk region) - the owner of the Cup of Russia in the class of FSA. Dmitry Samorukov received the title of champion for becoming the best in the US class.

RAF Awards ceremony 2019 121.jpg

Artem Demikhov: This award is very special, it is even difficult for me to describe my emotions. I have been working up to this victory for twelve years. It all started with urban racing. Then it turned into a serious sport, which led to a serious victory - thanks to perseverance, thanks to my team. It is very honorable to receive such an award and such status. I want to thank everyone who were by my side and helped me to be the best in the FSA class of the SMP RDRC.

Maxim Krivobokov: It is incredibly great to get this award. I found myself thinking that now I have something to tell my grandchildren. Before that, I have had an ordinary life and now I have something to be proud of. I hope there will be more such awards. In the upcoming season I will have a break and wont race but will work in the garage. I delegated my car to Maria Panova, I hope she will become a champion. But, once again, I would like to emphasize that I am not leaving the motorsport!

Dmitry Samorukov: What does this champion cup mean to me? Perhaps the reward that I got with great difficulty. There is a great car, an amazing team and organization of the championship so Im supposed to win, but the competition is highly competitive nowadays I really had to fight for a win during some races. One of my rivals was Alexander Albin - we were separated only by thousandths of a second. So, such victories in the SMP RDRC motivate us to grow, not to slow down. I am glad that drag racing in Russia is developing, the number of championships across the country has already exceeded greatly, new tracks appear, more and more spectators and participants are taking part in competitions - the community is growing. I would like to say a special thanks to SMP Racing for the support of this movement."
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