SMP Racing driverSergey Sirotkin tested Formula 1 tyres for the 2021 rules

16 September 2019/ smp

SMP Racing driver Sergey Sirotkin was the first among active Formula 1 drivers to test the new 18-inch tyres which will be used in the championship in 2021.

The tests, which took place on September 12-13 in France at the Paul Ricard circuit, were carried out by the tyre supplier. Pirelli had a desire to test in a real-life environment different sets of tyres that will be used in Formula 1 from 2021. The information obtained will be useful for the subsequent refinement of the rubber compounds and the creation of cars that meet the requirements of the technical regulations of 2021.

During two test days, we drove 213 laps, more than 1,000 kilometers, SMP Racing driver Sergey Sirotkin said. We worked with both new and used rubber, tried different configurations and tyre designs. On the first day, the tests were of medium duration, and on the second we switched to a race simulation with a lot of laps in one session. These tests were carried out to refine the data and future work on the tyres and the car, which will appear in 2021,and the information gathered is confidential. Such tests are extremely rare, so its especially nice that the Renault team invited me to Pirelli tests."
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